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Iron Tractor is also selling a D7R XR DOZER. Click here for more information.
This equipment is for sale as of December 7, 2022.
Ten (10) Liebherr RL64s & Twenty (20) Liebherr RL54s
Ten (10) RL64s and Seven (7) RL54s are in the Northeast U.S; Thirteen (13) RL54s are in Texas.
Liebherr Pipelaying Equipment
Iron Tractor, LLC was founded in 2009 to provide earth-moving equipment (mostly pipelayers and other pipeline construction equipment) to the pipeline industry in the United States. Over the last twelve (12) years our rental fleet has consisted of 583/572/571 Pipelayers; D7 Tractors; Tac Rigs; Portable Bending Machines; and, Weld Decks.

We introduced the Liebherr Purpose- Built Pipelayers – the RL54 & the RL64 – to the US market in 2016. For the past five (5) years we have been renting all thirty (30) units to major pipeline construction contractors in the US – working on important pipeline construction jobs from 30" to 42" in diameter all across the United States.
What are we selling?
Liebherr RL64 Liebherr RL54
RL 64 (10 UNITS)
Tier 3 Engines (NON Tier 4 Final)
Engine output: 275 kW / 374 HP
Operating weight: 58.800 kg / 129,632 lb
Max. lift capactiy: 90.800 kg / 200,178 lb
Standard Booms are 10.4902 m / 34' 5"
RL 54 (20 UNITS)
Tier 3 Engines (NON Tier 4 Final)
Engine output: 210 kW / 286 HP
Operating weight: 45.900 kg / 101, 192 lb
Max. lift capacity: 70.000 kg / 154,323 lb
Standard Booms are 8.509 m / 27' 11"
Average Hours RL64s 1,137 Average Hours RL54s 1,252
other notable options
Arctic Pkg
Heavy Duty Drawbar
Six (6) Additional “Short” Booms for RL64s, measuring 8.509 m / 27' 11"
RL64 Serial # Hours RL54 Serial # Hours
1127-14928 1,134 1415-14926 857
1127-14929 1,214 1415-14931 1,033
1127-14938 1,332 1415-14933 735
1127-14952 1,359 1415-14949 583
1127-14970 1,218 1415-14968 1,219
1127-14979 640 1415-14990 894
1127-15003 768 1415-15001 858
1127-15004 873 1415-15006 1,490
1127-15030 1,556 1415-15007 1,356
1127-15035 1,273 1415-15014 1,233
    1415-15015 1,488
    1415-15026 1,503
    1415-15027 1,343
    1415-15045 1,082
    1415-15046 1,857
    1415-15051 1,136
    1415-15067 1,884
    1415-15080 1,905
    1415-15081 1,014
    1415-15082 1,571
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about the equipment
Liebherr RL54 & RL64 features & advantages
Front & Rear attachments

Boom accessory kit (low temperature resistant)
Counterweight (low temperature resistant)
Hoisting gear (low temperature resistant)
Rigid trailer coupling
General Features

Engine compartment tarpaulins
Filling of cold-resistant fuels and lubricants
Operator’s cab with a/c system
Standard operator seat
Cabine with double glazed panes
Thermal insulation for battery holder
Chains 36”/36” oil lubricated
Centre one-piece track guide
Heatable fuel pre-filter
Cover for oil cooler
Front radiator tarpaulin
Undercarriage with low temperature seals -40°C
Heatable fuel water separator
EGO overload warning device complete
Webasto water heater for diesel engine
Lifting force diagram
Acoustic back-up alarm
Amber beacon on roof of cabine
Liebherr Advantages
Oval Track – Better STABILITY in Mountains. Lower CENTER OF GRAVITY – primarily due to compact arrangement of travel drive components and extra-long undercarriage without disadvantages of HiDrive component location;

Hydrostatic Drive with Force-locking Transmission prevents possible runaway on inclines in mountains; also, hydrostatic drive has capability to steer even if engine fails (Once in neutral, Speed Sensors automatically lock Parking Brake in position on Final Drives);

More precise steering provides improved maneuverability in tight confines of narrow ROW – easier to stay on narrow Mat Road;

EASE of operation with Step-Less Speed Control – no need to Change Gears;

Better Control with Tie Ins with precise movements allowing for inching (rather than having to adjust RPM & Braking on other pipelayers);

Standard Cab with integrated ROPS & controlled environment allows for an operator that is more alert & less fatigued with precise and EASY CONTROL – only two (2) joysticks control all functions, which requires minimal training – especially for younger operators;

Better Visibility to most pipelayer functions in working range – in most all pipelayer applications including Bending, Lowering In & Tie-Ins with seat angled 15 Degrees to left & excellent Visibility to each/both Track(s). Also, dormer window allows visibility to boom tip – especially for passing under power lines;
Boom Cylinder – more Precise Control & More Structural Integrity & Stability to avoid boom failure (folding) in case of accident

Hydraulically-controlled Boom Free Fall (no mechanical gears) provides safe control to avoid potential tip-over in various pipelayer applications; Ownership & Operational Advantages of Liebherr RL54 & RL64 Pipelayers:

Fewer Components & Less Wear & Tear with totally hydraulic system;

Hydrostatic Drive Benefits - More Efficient with Better Fuel Economy and Less Fuel Consumption (up to 10% Savings);

More Comfortable & Safer Operator will be more Productive;

Cab provides added protection to hi-tech electronics & gauges;

Specially designed Liebherr Oils & Lubricants provide exceptionally long life & Extended Oil Change Intervals;

Tilt-Up Cab for Ease of Service with Easy Access to all Maintenance & Service Points;
All the above SAFETY, OWNERSHIP & OPERATIONAL features & benefits are possible, because Liebherr Pipelayers are Purpose-built Pipelayers. They were never designed or manufactured as a dozer – Only a Pipelayer!
This equipment is for sale as of December 7, 2022.
Carl H. Raffety
Elisha S. Williams